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Vidnoz AI Review: Generate AI Avatar Videos For Free! (2024)

Creating awesome videos used to be tough!

Expensive equipment, fancy editing skills, long production times – not fun!

An image of a film editor looking frustrated at his workstation.

But software like Vidnoz AI flips the script. This all-in-one suite of AI video generator tools handles the complex video stuff automatically and lets your creative juices flow – you can even use all these tools for free! 

In this hands-on review, I took the Vidnoz AI platform for a spin to create a short video presentation about the AI tools it has to offer. I’ll walk through how Vidnoz’s Free Avatar Video Generator simplified the entire video production process for me and showcase some of Vidnoz’s additional Free AI tools.

So, if you want to create videos with AI avatars or face-swap your selfie with your favourite movie star – read on!

What is Vidnoz AI?

Vidnoz AI is a cloud-based AI video creation tool founded in 2016.

The company behind this innovative platform has a proven track record of using artificial intelligence in multimedia content production, with past launches including an AI Avatar Generator, AI Image Background Remover and Vidnoz Flex.

In 2023, Vidnoz AI created an all-in-one solution to simplify video creation with a suite of tools that covers a whole range of AI content creation suitable for businesses, educators and online creators.

WATCH! Vidnoz AI Overview.

Vidnoz AI Review - Create A Free Talking Avatar!

My overall impression of Vidnoz AI is very positive! With a large array of free tools to choose from, you’ll be hard pushed to pull yourself away from Vidnoz to achieve your content creation goals.

It’s platform is well set out and easy to navigate, and the drag-and-drop style editor creates a logical workflow when adding visuals and branding to your avatar videos.

Although some features are lacking in detail, Vidnoz AI will satisfy most use cases in business, education and social media.

Vidnoz AI is one of the best all-in-one content creation platforms I’ve used to date, and with more free tools to be released soon, I’m sure Vidnoz AI will go from strength to strength!

Try Vidnoz AI for FREE!

Vidnoz AI Video Generator: Key Features.

One of Vidnoz’s major strengths lies in its extensive library of over 300 templates with complete video scenes ready for customization. These high-quality animated templates span a broad range of categories tailored to various business and personal needs. You can choose between Portrait and Landscape templates, which is great for extending your reach to mobile-orientated traffic.

Choose either Landscape or Portrait from the templates in Vidnoz AI.

What is notable is how professionally composed each template is out the gate – with thoughtfully framed shots and cool motion graphic animations.

Yet despite the broadcast-worthy foundations of these templates, Vidnoz still makes the templates fully customizable with its intuitive drag-and-drop style editor. You can add your branding colors, graphics, and fonts in minutes to match your project’s needs.

For my Vidnoz AI video, I started using the Purple Software Guide Template to get some inspiration, and in the end, I customized it to a more relevant style for my needs.

The 'Purple Software Guide' template in Vidnoz AI.

So whether you’re hoping to craft an eye-catching social media spot or an immersive course curriculum video, Vidnoz’s extensive templates handle the heavy aesthetic lifting so you can focus efforts on creating engaging content. No more staring at blank timelines!

Navigating new creative tools can be daunting, especially video editing platforms packed with a maze of complex menus and settings. Thankfully, Vidnoz AI prioritizes user experience, creating a refreshingly hassle-free interface.

Once logged in, the Homepage dashboard is logically set out with the left sidebar organizing core features like media uploads, avatar library access, and template browsing.

The 'Tools' option in the Vidnoz AI dashboard.

The ‘Tools‘ option opens up a range of other AI features to play with – but more on this later!

In the drag-and-drop style editor, media assets, graphics, captions, and more are managed in intuitive drop-down menus above your project screen [1]. To playback your draft or generate your finished video – this is located on the top right-hand side of the screen. [2]

This image highlights the three main areas of the Vidnoz AI editor page.

For editing your script and voice type and adding subtitles, these are located underneath your project, making it easy to change your script and try different voice types [3].

My only slight frustration is that the avatars are not fully generated when reviewing your project. This can only be achieved by generating your video, at which point credits are deducted from your account. Unfortunately, this is common amongst other avatar generator platforms, but it’s worth noting as newbies to this form of video creation may expect more detail in their playbacks.

Overall, Vidnoz’s interface promotes a natural workflow with optimal page layouts. I never once felt lost or overwhelmed when working on my video presentation, so I could concentrate on creating content super quick. It’s a real-time saver!

Finding the perfect voiceover talent always proved to be one of video production’s biggest headaches before the rise of AI.

But with Vidnoz AI, you have over 100 voice options, speaking fluently across 70+ languages.

The process is seamless, too – just enter your script, select the target language and listen as AI-generated voices read aloud your written words with impressive realism.

A selection of AI Voices in the Vidnoz AI editor.

You can tweak voice speed and pitch with a wide choice of emotional styles to add lots of realism to the tone of your avatar. Some voices work better for more technically precise narrations, while others prove more inviting for creative brand storytelling.

Before AI automation came along, preparing videos for global audiences required hiring foreign voice actors or tacky overdubbing. But with Vidnoz AI, artificial intelligence speeds up your video generation using multiple accents and languages. 

Their integrated text-to-speech tool fluently renders 50+ languages, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Hindi, and more.

The AI Text to Speech Tool at Vidnoz AI.

Just input transcripts in desired languages and listen as scripts are spoken back accurately by 100+ corresponding voices.

With my semi-fluent Swedish, I entered some Swedish text and chose Mattias as my avatar. With some tricky words, Mattias knew how to pronounce the text, and even my wife (who is Swedish!) found it believable.

This category is the meat and potatoes of why Vidnoz AI exists, so getting this part right is crucial!

At its core, Vidnoz provides over 100+ realistic avatars as on-camera talent for your videos.

A selection of avatars at Vidnoz AI.

All avatar designs come as Half-BodySquare-Head, or Round Head, depending on the design of your slides. For my video, I preferred the half-body option, as the hand and arm gestures give a personal touch to the slides.

An image of the avatar 'shape' options in the Vidnoz AI editor.

AI talking avatar options range across seniority, ethnicities and job roles, which provide a broad range of choices for any video creation.

The AI video generator animates their facial expressions and mouth movements in perfect sync with voiceover narration. Although this is not always spot on, I found the quality as good as any competitor software.

Custom Avatars.

If your image plays a huge part in your brand, why not create an avatar of yourself?

The Custom Avatar Option in Vidnoz AI.

By using just your smartphone or webcam, you need only provide a 3-5 minute selfie film of yourself either sitting or standing. After downloading your file to Vidnoz AI, your real-life custom avatar will be ready in 1-3 days.

There is an additional cost for this service (unless you’re on the Enterprise Plan), but at the time of writing, Custom Avatars are $99/year (usually $199/year).

This is a bargain compared to other platforms – such as Synthesia and Colossyan.

Stock Images.

Beyond avatars and templates, Vidnoz provides a stock media library from Unsplash with helpful assets to enhance videos without tedious creation efforts.

A selection of free images provided by Unsplash in the Vidnoz AI editor.

With over 20 categories, Unsplash provides a helpful collection of HD-quality images to enhance your creative process into engaging videos. You’re very much spoilt for choice here!

Stitching scenes together fluidly adds a natural polish to a presentation. Fortunately, Vidnoz provides a selection of the most popular transitions you see in professional-level productions.

A selection of slide transitions at Vidnoz AI.

I used only the ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’ transition for my video, but if you’re producing much longer material, you’ll need to mix it up a little.

Background Music.

Impactful videos require audio that captivates as much as the visuals. But finding the perfect tunes to set the mood without getting into copyright trouble is no fun!

Thankfully, Vidnoz offers an integrated soundtrack library to legally elevate your scenes!

The background music options in Vidnoz AI.

I discovered dozens of lively background score options spanning genres like pop, jazz, orchestral and more. You can even choose your desired track from the ‘mood’ of the tune you want. Vidnoz currently offers nine categories such as ‘Inspiring’, ‘Serious’, and ‘Warm’.

While the music collection has room for expansion, Vidnoz covers sufficient styles to underscore most video narratives and with no licensing fees. A slight improvement would be the ability to add different music for different slides, but I’m sure Vidnoz AI will add this soon.

9 Vidnoz AI Tools – Free and Paid.

One of the main reasons why Vidnoz AI is becoming a leader in avatar video generation and content creation is due to their suite of  AI Tools at your fingertips.

An image of all the free additional tools at Vidnoz AI.

What makes this really attractive, though, is that all of them are free!

Of course, there are usage restrictions on how many times you can generate content before reaching for your credit card. However, if you have a one-off project that needs an AI talking avatar or a picture you want to face-swap, then Vidnoz AI will be the tool to consider.

Take a look…

The AI Talking Photo Tool animates static images by applying lip and mouth movement syncing to your text-to-speech script.

This is a super cool tool to have at your fingertips, and it can quickly inject engaging motion into existing still photography assets.

The AI Talking Avatar Tool at Vidnoz AI.

Potential use cases include transforming boring bio pictures into introductions or product photos into conversational sales overviews. You can even animate Albert Einstein, just for the hell of it!

Vidnoz AI Talking Photo Tool.

If you need a degree of multimedia personalization in minutes, then Vidnoz’s AI Talking Photo Tool is worth considering.

Animate Einstein!

One of Vidnoz’s most integrated tools is their multi-language AI Text-To-Speech Tool, which allows scripts to be narrated convincingly without actors. As someone who dreads tedious voiceover recordings and corrections, this AI-powered alternative is a godsend!

The AI Text to Speech Tool at Vidnoz AI.

The tool is straightforward to use.

Simply enter your script in the text field, choose your language type and playback speed, and Vidnoz AI will generate your speech to review in seconds.

It’s really that simple!

The AI Face Swapper Tool enables you to insert personal selfies or photos of others into existing pictures through clever AI overlay mapping technology.

The AI Face Swap Tool at Vidnoz AI.

This tool is more geared towards social media and content creators with an element of fun but nevertheless, it’s a great tool to have at your fingertips.

The AI Headshot Generator provides automated image enhancement for converting personal portrait photographs into professional profile-ready headshots.

Simply upload your selfie, and Vidnoz AI will polish your image into a more professional setting.

The Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator Tool.

If you work in a business where social media and an online presence play a large part, then being able to regenerate your image in multiple settings is a great tool to have at your disposal.

It also saves you time and money from using a professional photographer.

If you want to have fun with your selfies (or someone else’s!) Vidnoz’s AI Cartoon Generator will provide you with lots of entertainment.

Just enter a headshot picture, and Vidnoz generates four cartoon versions of yourself.

The Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator Tool.

As you can see from the results, the quality could be more refined than that of other competitor apps specializing in cartoon avatars. Still, it’s definitely worth having in a collection of free AI tools.

Removing messy backgrounds from pictures used to be tricky to do with complicated software. But Vidnoz AI makes it super easy with their clever AI Background Remover Tool!

I uploaded an image from my Colossyan vs Synthesia article, and within a few seconds, Vidnoz perfectly cut out the figure in the foreground with impressive accuracy.

An image 'before' it has its background removed by the Vidnoz AI Background Remover Tool.

If you work with many images as a blogger or on social media, having a background remover tool will be essential for your image creation.

An image 'after' it had its background removed by the Vidnoz AI Background Remover Tool.

No more wasting hours trying to cut around people by hand!

If you need to create multiple avatar pictures for a project, then Vidnoz AI has a super quick way to achieve this.

Enter a text description of the avatar you would like to have, and choose your gender. Vidnoz AI then creates four avatars for you to choose from.

An image of the AI Avatar Generator Tool at Vidnoz AI.

Vidnoz also lets you regenerate your preferred choice to get four more variations. This is really useful if you want to use the same avatar but in different poses.

Before Artificial Intelligence came along to turbo-boost our productivity, extracting vocals from a backing track or cleaning up an audio file was something only a sound engineer could do.

Fast forward to the present day, and Vidnoz’s AI Vocal Remover Tool can do all this for you.

The download page for the AI Vocal Remover Tool at Vidnoz AI.

The process is straightforward. Just drag/drop a file you want to remove vocals from, and Vidnoz strips the audio into two files for you to download. No technical expertise is needed here!

An image of the AI Vocal Remover Tool with the separated audio tracks in Vidnoz AI.

This tool is excellent for karaoke track creation, song sampling, cleaning up game streaming audio and more.

With Vidnoz AI constantly trying to improve its platform with free AI tools, the AI Voice Changer Tool is an entertaining addition to its collection.

With over 80+ celebrity voices at your disposal, you can generate voices from celebrities such as Barrack Obama, Freddy Mercury and Taylor Swift, to name but a few.

A selection of celebrity voices available at Vidnoz AI.

Just choose the voice you want (I chose Morgan Freeman), enter your dialogue into the text field, and Vidnoz AI generates your celebrity voiceover in seconds.

LISTEN! – Morgan Freeman.

Create A Celebrity Voice!

COMING SOON! – More Free Vidnoz AI Tools!

With Vidnoz AI constantly pushing their platform to bigger and better things, they have given us a heads-up on some of the tools soon to be released.

See what you think:

  • AI Script Generator – This will be a ‘must-have’ tool to speed up your content generation. Input your ideas, and Vidnoz will generate your video script instantly!
  • AI Video Translator – Instantly translate your videos to text in 15+ languages and reach global audiences easily.
  • Text to Video – Create videos for training, marketing, and social media with simple text prompts.
  • URL to Video – Just input your URL, and Vidnoz AI will transform blog posts into engaging videos with voiceovers in minutes.
  • AI Video Compressor – Reduce video file size online in batches without losing quality. MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV and other HD video formats will be supported.

Vidnoz AI – Use Cases.

With the huge amount of templates on offer at Vidnoz AI, its use cases cover a broad range of possibilities:

  • Training & Development – Streamline employee training by updating onboarding material into polished video modules. Or design an online course curriculum by producing engaging lecture videos on complex topics.
  • Explainer Videos – Create videos for resolving customer queries with ‘how-to’ or explainer tutorials.
  • E-Learning – Vidnoz AI is great for creating online educational resources for additional school learning.
  • News Casting – Use a predesigned template to generate a breaking news video with AI anchors, a studio backdrop, and animated graphics for a newsreel.
  • Sales and Marketing – Create product demo reels showcasing features in an animated explainer format or generate snappy social videos for seasonal sales or new product launches.


With so many features and tools under the hood of Vidnoz AI, I was half expecting to find some bugs and glitches along the way.

However, once I started using the AI video generator, it became clear how much effort Vidnoz AI have put into their platform.

I found all the editing features very immediate, and the playback was mostly quick to generate. (Note: This may vary due to connectivity and broadband speed.)

On some occasions, the AI Avatar Generator didn’t produce all four of its intended results, but this was mainly fixed by refreshing the generate button.

An image of a 'failed' result with the Vidnoz Avatar Generator Tool.

The rendering times for my finished video (almost 3 minutes long) took nearly 15 minutes to complete – which is a little slow compared to some competitor platforms. However, I had no problems with the finished results, and both the 1080p and 720p videos played back smoothly.

Overall, I found the responsiveness within the tools mostly snappy, and I happily jumped from multiple open windows within Vidnoz AI with no real difficulties.

Customer Support.

If you need help with any of the tools, Vidnoz provides an extensive library of ‘how-to’ documentation to guide you. These are very well laid out and detailed in content.

A list of support documentation for Vidnoz AI.

Further enquiries must be emailed if you need more guidance, with response times up to 72 hours.

I was surprised to find no live chat feature at Vidnoz, as most competitor platforms use this method for customer support. If you’re working to a tight deadline and need urgent help, waiting 72 hours for a response is not ideal!

Vidnoz AI: Pros and Cons.

  • Over 300+ templates in landscape and portrait formats.
  • 100+ realistic Avatars to choose from.
  • Over 50+ languages.
  • All tools are free to use. (except the Custom Avatar Generator.)
  • User-friendly interface for beginners.
  • Free stock images and background music.
  • Free AI video generator.
  • New features and tools are added regularly.
  • Video rendering can be slow.
  • Avatars have limited customizations.
  • No live chat feature.
  • Some editing features could be more detailed.

Vidnoz AI Pricing.

Vidnoz AI pricing page.

Vidnoz AI currently offers three price plans and a free trial:

  • Free Trial – For AI Video creation you get 3 mins/day to play with. This gives you access to over 100+ Avatars, 300+ Templates, and 720P export resolution (watermark included). If you only need to do a few projects, this is a great deal.

  • Starter Plan – $14.99/month for 15mins generation time. (yearly subscription) or $29.99/month (month-only basis). This gives you more avatars and templates, no watermark, 1080P download, and 5-minutes duration per video.

  • Business Plan – $37.49/month for 30mins generation time. (yearly subscription) or $74.99/month (month-only basis). It includes all starter plan features plus 20 minutes of duration per video.

  • Enterprise Plan – Call sales directly for a more bespoke solution and a dedicated account manager.

Try Vidnoz AI!

Vidnoz AI Alternatives.

AI video generator tools are all the rage at the moment. Here are some competitors hot on the heels of Vidnoz AI.

  • Synthesia – is a pioneer in AI avatar technology. It offers a broad selection of tools for video creation, including realistic AI avatars, video templates, and voiceovers, aiming to transform the content creation process without sacrificing quality.
Synthesia's homepage. (Dec 23)
  • InVideo – InVideo is an AI-based online video editing tool that enables users to create professional video content for various purposes, such as advertising, YouTube, tutorials, and branding. The platform offers over 5,000 customizable templates, premium templates, and access to an extensive media library.

InVideo's homepage as of Dec'23.
  • Colossyan – Colossyan is an AI video generation platform that offers an AI avatar generator tool, allowing users to create professional videos in a matter of minutes. The platform provides a range of AI avatars and accents, automated translation, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop style editor, enabling users to customize and generate studio-quality, professional videos at scale.

Colossyan's homepage. (Dec 23)

(For more information on Colossyan and Synthesia, take a look at my comparison article.)

Final Verdict.

Initially, I was a little skeptical whether any video software dependent on automation can match real filming production standards. However, Vidnoz AI manages to achieve broadcast-grade results efficiently thanks to its smart AI and intelligent automation.

What gives Vidnoz AI the edge over a lot of avatar generator platforms are all the additional tools at your fingertips. If content creation is your main thing, then Vidnoz AI is a great all-in-one solution for online businesses and social media influencers.

If there’s a slight room for improvement with Vidnoz AI, it would be to add more detail in the editing and customization tools. However, with constant new features being added to its platform, I’m sure this will happen very soon.

I would definitely give Vidnoz AI a try, and don’t forget, it’s free!!

Create With Vidnoz AI!

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Disclosure: Some of the links on may be affiliate links, which means that if you click on the link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission without any additional cost to you. For more information on how affiliate links are handled on, please refer to our privacy policy.

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