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Guidde: AI Tool Review – Create How-To Guides Fast! (2024)

Creating how-to guides and detailed online resources has always been a time-intensive task.

Add to this the cost of getting someone to do it for you, and it’s easy to see why the good ol’ PowerPoint comes out to plunge training guides into the black hole of boredom!

An image of tired looking employees as they watch a boring presentation at work.

Enter Guidde!

With the clever use of advanced AI, Guidde has created an automated screen recording tool which follows your every move and click to create ready-made step-by-step guides.

Simply enter your project details, and Guidde’s AI will create your script to match your keystrokes as you demonstrate a specific task. You can even have an AI-generated voice to narrate the presentation for you! 

Too good to be true?

In this article, I use Guidde to create a simple tutorial on ‘How To Create A Timestamp Link For A YouTube Video’.

I mention all the features this tool offers, its use cases, and my hands-on experience using Guidde AI for the first time.

Check out my results!

Guidde AI – Overview.

Straightaway, I was pleased by how well-set out and intuitive Guidde was to use. No complex setup was required. Phew!

Not once did I feel the need to sift through documentation or lengthy video tutorials to figure out how to get started.

After downloading the Google Chrome extension, I clicked to start recording, and Guidde automatically captured my on-screen workflow in the background.

Guidde chrome extension page in Chrome Web Store.

In no time, I had a polished step-by-step guide with screenshots and descriptions generated automatically by Guidde’s AI.

Both the narration for the intro and outro were also AI generated, and I felt no need to add or reword these passages.

The built-in editor provided a smooth experience for customizing the content with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Guidde's editing dashboard for my how-to  guide on how to create a specific timestamp link for a YouTube video.

Any tweaks to things like text, images, and voiceover narration were straightforward, and adding the branding from gave the presentation a polished finish.

WATCH! – Guidde Video.

I used Guidde to create a 'How-To' presentation using AI.

Overall, I found Guidde’s interface intuitive and well set out.

Having had lots of experience using editing software, it’s clear to me that Guidde has designed its platform from a new user perspective so that businesses and educators can produce stunning how-to guides in a super quick time.

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Guidde AI – Key Features.

Workflow Capture.

  • Browser Extensions – Guidde offers an extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. These browser extensions enable Guidde to track every mouse click and keystroke and take screenshots automatically in the background as you work without any specialized setup.

  • Intuitive Capturing – It’s straightforward to start recording your screen. Just click the browser extension icon and perform your workflow while Guidde captures everything behind the scenes.

An image of the Guidde browser icon in Chrome, and the 'capture' button to start recording.

AI-Generated Content. 

  • Automated Documentation – Once your recording is complete, Guidde uses its ‘Magic Capture’ AI to analyze the footage and automatically generate detailed content, including step descriptions, annotated screenshots, and an edited video walkthrough.

  • Voiceover Generation – Guidde can create a voiceover narration for the video in over 100 different AI-generated voices and languages. These are very believable (I used one for my YouTube guide); however, if you want to make your presentations more personal, you can record your voice into the editor instead.

A highlighted extract of text which was generated by Guidde's AI.


  • Built-In Editor – Guidde AI offers full customization capabilities within its user-friendly built-in editor. You can quickly reorder steps, edit screenshots and include your text annotations and overlays. Additionally, you can add new slides, such as calls to action or Q&As.

  • Slide Transitions – To give your step-by-step guides a more polished look, the editor offers over 14 transitions to choose from.

  • Brand Kit – If your guides are for a particular business, you can import your colors, font, and logos to make your presentations look more professional.

A selection of slide transitions in the Guidde editor.

Video Analytics.

Guidde AI has an in-built analytics dashboard to see user engagement, views per video, and active users. This is super helpful for monitoring employee interaction in larger companies.

Text-to-Voice and Voice-to-Text.

Guidde enables you to convert text to speech and vice versa. This is particularly useful for creating a step-by-step description for visual elements and, alternatively, a great way to quickly enter text into the editor. 


Guidde AI has over 20 integrations with other platforms.

Additional integrations include Zendesk, Notion, Microsoft Onedrive, Zoom, Slack and Google Drive.

A selection of platforms which integrate with Guidde.

Export Features.

You can easily share your presentations on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To export your presentations, you can use numerous methods, such as:

  1. Various File Formats: Guidde allows you to download content in MP4, GIF, and PDF formats on any of their paid plans.

  2. ‘Smart Copy’ Feature: With the ‘Smart Copy’ feature, you can easily copy & paste Guidde content to other systems, making it super easy to integrate your presentations into various third-party platforms or documents.

Guidde's 'Smart Copy' options for integration into third-party platforms.

With all this functionality in one place, Guidde enables time-saving collaboration and accessibility for business owners.

Top Use Cases.

With companies and educators needing to keep their documentation up to date, Guidde AI caters for many use cases, such as:

  • Training New Employees – Training can be time-sensitive and costly if not done correctly. With Guidde AI, staff training can be rolled out quickly, offering interactive and user-friendly video documentation that allow employees to learn their job skills and responsibilities as soon as possible.

  • Customer Onboarding And Engagement – Businesses can create interactive onboarding materials for new customers, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience.

  • Knowledge Base Articles – Use Guidde to create a tutorial video library of training materials covering various aspects of a job, from basic tasks to advanced processes. 

  • Customer Support Resolution – With the speed of using Guidde’s AI to create presentations, it can provide quick personalized video responses and step-by-step guides for resolving product and sales-related support tickets. This a great asset for support operations in any thriving business.

  • Marketing Presentations – Guidde enables marketers to make engaging content by quickly adding stunning visuals, voiceovers, and text elements into compelling presentations.

  • Platform Integration – With integration with popular platforms like Zoom and Gmail, Guidde makes it easy to share presentations with team members and external partners.

  • Integration With Ticketing Systems – Guidde’s integrations with ticketing systems like Zendesk and ServiceNow allow agents to resolve sales queries and improve customer satisfaction quickly.


After creating the YouTube video for this article and trying Guidde’s UI for more testing, I was impressed by its solid performance without any lagging or glitches.

Processing speeds are fast, and Guidde’s AI generates detailed guides no matter how big your projects are. You’re definitely not sitting around twiddling your thumbs here!

I found the playback of the videos snappy, and they load quickly throughout all the methods available for sharing your projects.

(Note: As with any cloud based software, results may vary due to connectivity and broadband speed.)


Guidde is very transparent with its security and privacy policies. Data is encrypted, and customer information is limited to authorized staff only.

A selection of security features used by Guidde.

Guidde also complies with SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR and provides a high level of security for a cloud-based platform. 

Customer Support.

Guidde AI has numerous methods of customer support, such as:

  • Email: You can email [email protected] to contact the Guidde team. They aim to answer all emails within two working days.

  • FAQs: If you have any common questions or issues, there is a helpful FAQ page for more information.

  • Online Chat – Guidde has a chatbot for general enquiries and a live chat feature depending on availability and time of day. 

Pros and Cons.


  • Accessibility – Log in to your browser on any device and access Guidde’s recording capabilities.

  • Time-Saving – By automating guide creation, you can save countless hours compared to more traditional methods.

  • Flexible Pricing Plans – Guidde offers numerous price plans for various-sized businesses. A 14-day free trial is also available.

  • Easy To Use – The dashboard is well set out and straightforward for anyone unfamiliar with guide creation software.

  • High-Quality Output – The AI-generated step-by-step videos are polished and comprehensive compared to manually created content. I was very impressed here by Guidde’s ability to create stunning visuals.

  • Built-in Analytics – Tracking and monitoring your presentations is available through the Guidde dashboard.


  • Browser Limitations – There is currently only a browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge

  • Content Restrictions – Some users report restrictions around maximum video lengths and unavailable exporting options.

  • Limited Editing Features – The choice of editing features could be more comprehensive.

Guidde AI Pricing.

  • Free Plan – Watermarks are added to exported videos, and there is a limit of 25 projects a month.

  • Pro Plan – $20 per user/month – ($16 per user/month billed annually). This includes unlimited how-to videos, custom branding, and the ability to blur sensitive information. 

  • Business Plan – $44 per user/month($35 per user/month billed annually). This includes all the Pro plan features, plus video analytics, text-to-voice generation and viewer activity feed. 

  • Enterprise – Custom pricing for larger teams and companies is available on request. 

Guidde's pricing list for a monthly subscription.

Note: There is a 14-day Free Trial (no credit card), which offers more functionality than the monthly Free-Plan.

Get Creative with Guidde.

Final Verdict.

Overall, I was very impressed with how quickly I created my video presentation with minimum effort and without sacrificing quality in the end result.

Guidde’s AI powered platform delivers impressive value as an automation tool for how-to guides and video creation.

While some users may find the functionality limited compared to more advanced tools, Guidde makes the creative process more accessible for beginners, offering unmatched efficiency gains and time savings for larger-sized businesses. It’s a real game changer!

It may be time to say goodbye to PowerPoint once and for all!

Try Guidde For FREE!


You can upload regular videos to guidde. Additionally, you can integrate with Zoom, Youtube, Onedrive, and Google Drive to copy your videos into your guidde presentations. (available on the Enterprise plan)
You can download content from guidde in MP4, GIF, and PDF formats (available only in paid plans).
All content created during the free trial will remain available after the trial, but further additions and edits will be limited to the plan you migrate to.
No. There is currently no mobile app available.

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Disclosure: Some of the links on may be affiliate links, which means that if you click on the link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission without any additional cost to you. For more information on how affiliate links are handled on, please refer to our privacy policy.

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